Among the Shrouded - Amalie Jahn
Among The Shrouded by Amalie Jahn is a superior and masterful police thriller like no other. Amalie makes it easy to identify each character POV by titling the chapter with that person's name. The three POV characters are Mia, police detective with a paranormal ability to see people's auras white is good, black is bad. This comes in handy when catching the bad guys.
Thomas is a waiter and pianist who lives with his adopted mother. He meets Mia in a police line-up where he is paid as an extra. Mia is shocked to see he has no aura at all. Thomas has the ability to know when he is in danger and this has saved him many times. When on a bus Thomas knows another passenger is going to attack with a knife and leaves.
Kate is a Ukranian promised a life of luxury in America with the ability to manipulate others for the good of the unfortunate. She makes an icecream machine break down so poor kids can be fed for free.
All these characters are richly described and the reader immediately identifies with them. This incredible novel grabs the reader and drags them by the scruff of the neck from page 1 of a paranormal mystery into the murky depths of human trafficking with an expertise that should elevate this author to stardom.
When Kate arrives in America her dreams are shattered when she is herded into a basement to be sold into the sex slavery market.
The author creates a brilliant and intense scenario as these wonderful characters are intertwined in such a way as to leave the reader breathless for more. And there is so much more to this novel than a mere police thriller, paranormal romance or supernatural mystery.
I highly recommend this Paranormal thriller and FIVE STAR novel to all readers who simply love a great book. The must read of the century.