Jack Who?: Perfect Storms - Lisa Gillis
Jack Who?: Perfect Storms (Silver Strings G, #1) by Lisa Gillis is an exceptional romantic novel full or even bursting with passion in every delicious chapter. The author has mastered this well overdone genre and given it a firm kick in the pants lingerie-wise and come up with a superb winner. I so loved this book with its well-written dialog, catchy theme of girl meets rock star, lusts for rock star, beds rock star then ....
Marissa falls head over high heels in lust for Jack St .... who? Almost gave that away. But she doesn't know how to handle a major babe attractor especially a megastar rocker. As will often happen the affair fizzles out .... or does it. The story spans five years without dragging its heels once and will keep the reader glued to every sexy page.
The author adeptly twists and turns and uses every trick in her book to make the reader's heart flutter, sigh, cry and scream with delight in this delectable offering.
So what are you waiting for. Go read it now!
A FIVE STAR romantic novel and highly recommended.