Picture Imperfect - Nicola Yeager
Picture Imperfect by Nicola Yeager is a delightful read from start to finish. I'm a guy, and I'm not popping out of the closet, but I enjoyed this chicklit romp more than Sex & The City when I'm forced to watch it. Chloe Dixon is a wonderful character full of bitchslappy insights, snarky and pissed off in general. She has to cope with a temping job to supply money for her dream as an artist, good enough to be self-sufficient, she must be good to have an agent. Her big problem is Mark, her livein who spends all his money on himself and declares her dream unworthy - and he a wanker teaching bankers.
Then arrives Chloe's big day - Mark is off for a week on Zante, Greece with a mate and two girl friends. No mention of Chloe. Kerboom! If nothing else, this ought to push Chloe into a decision.
I loved the amusing anecdotes and snippy snide remarks, especially about Chloe's mother and agent, Rhoda.
I give this cheerful romp FOUR STARS and highly recommend all chicklit lovers out there to help Chloe make the right decision.