Broken (Broken Wings Book 1) - Sandra  Love
Broken (Broken Wings, #1)by Sandra Love is an exceptional paranormal love story that will leave the reader screaming for book #2. This is the author's first book. Amazing, really to accomplish so much right off the bat.
Cordelia is the girl most hated at school. She doesn't see her own inner or outer beauty and when bullied, which is often she goes on a self-cutting spree with a razorblade. Here the author excels with such poignancy that the reader will shed a few tears, so get that box of hankies in your lap.
When at home Cordelia suffers even more brutality form her father who treats no more than a slave. Life is pretty much over for Cordelia until the powerful dreams kick in big time.
And the more Cordelia dreams the more she learns who she really is and that she has two siblings who are protecting her, not from the bullies but by something far more dangerous and evil.
Although the romance is played down in the first instalment, it simmers close to the surface and begs the reader to jump all over book #2 like a witch on a broomstick. So for all lovers of paranormal this book is an absolute must read.
FIVE STARS for this YA PNR with plenty of twists. Highly recommended.