Dream Weaver - Su Williams
Dream Weaver by Su Williams is a masterful teen paranormal romance with some adult themes. The story is quite simply delicious as it effortlessly flows from one chapter to another without losing any pace. The use of flashback memories is very well handled and again does not slow the story down.
Emari is seventeen and works with her close friends in a shop, but lately Emari has been troubled not only by the death of her parents in a car smash but by a stalker who seems to know her every move. Alone at home, Emari is also troubled by vivid nightmares of her parents' death, leaving her vulnerable and depressed.
Things get worse for Emari as her stalker attacks her at the storeroom of the shop. She is left brutalized and demoralized. Then things start getting weird for Emari as her terrible nightmares flit away like wisps of smoke as she recovers a little too quickly.
Emari meets Nick, a gorgeous Dream Weaver - a higher order being who can manipulate dreams and a lot more besides. Together, Emari and Nick with the help of Sabre another Dream Weaver solve the puzzle of Emari's bad dreams, but there is something terrible lurking in the cold wintry shadows of Spokane, something insidiously evil that must be stopped at all costs.
Su Williams has created a wonderful paranormal romance that spans the real and dream worlds, richly woven into a tapestry - a feast for the senses.
A FIVE STAR must read for all PNR enthusiasts.