The Nightlife: London (Urban Fantasy Romance) (The Nightlife Series) - Travis Luedke
The Nightlife London (The Nightlife, #4) by Travis Luedke is a tour de force of vampiric film noir. Travis has created a sharp-as-fangs story continuing with Aaron and Michelle's search for Michael Jamison, the man who almost killed Michelle.
This time in the seedy, Sid Vicious filth of London's Soho our vampires come up against the Albanian Mob along with an assortment of Russian, Colombian and everything else in between low life scumbags who need to be erased in spectacular fashion.
To this end, Urvashi, Aaron's new master, gains the help of two werewolves Ivan and Katya to ramp up the action to screaming breathlessness. The action and full on sex is relentless and strangely addictive as this reader wanted so much more and can't wait for their trip to Nightlife Moscow.
FIVE STAR brilliance that Travis fans will adore.