Forever...and 365 Days - Ulrike
Forever...and 365 Days by Ulrike is a monumental masterpiece of self exploration and healing from within. Every page is full of wonderful stories and anecdotes laid out in the simple format of a diary - a very personal diary.
We are held by Ulrike's hand and carefully guided along her path of inner health motivated by the sudden loss of her high power film executive job in Hollywood. Instead of moping around the house, eating junk food and drinking herself silly, as many would do, Ulrike picks herself up and travels the path of enlightenment with positive health thoughts to guide her way.
And the biggest health thought is love, for without love the human race would be empty, devoid of life, but first cleanse the system from negative thinking, negative attitudes and negative habits.
Most of what Ulrike says is common sense enhanced with deeper thought processes that most of us would shrug off as utter rubbish - but the more you read this incredible book, the more you begin to agree with Ulrike's dynamic mind set.
This FIVE STAR health manual is a must for the entire human race.