Satan's whiskers - Roy A. Higgins
Satan's Whiskers by Roy A. Higgins is a wonderful trip down memory lane to the 1960s. His story follows the ups and downs of Satan's Whiskers a newly emerging rock band created by the book's lead character Ray. Set in Lancashire UK the book exudes all the sights and smells of North England and each chapter is its own piece of musical and political history with sensationalistic crime waves of the day thrown in to mirror the tone of the novel.
Famous names are mixed into the broth with consummate ease that this reader immediately recognised with fond memories. However, the tone is not all rock band makes good as the group is dogged by ritualistic killings and the police have no doubt one of the band members is a serial killer.
As the band's notoriety grows so the killings continue, but it's the way the book is written with such a fluent style and obvious love of a bygone era never to be equalled or seen again that makes this novel shine. And with better editing which is being done as this review is written, I am sure this fine book will garner many 5 stars.
And this reader has to admit, the ending came as bit of a shock, an ending that will have to be read to be figured out.
This is a FOUR STAR book hiding in a 5* cocoon waiting to emerge.