The Field of Blackbirds - Thomas  Ryan
The Field of Blackbirds by Thomas Ryan is a gripping conspiracy thriller that will have the reader gasping for breath many times throughout this brilliant book.
Jeff Bradley's vineyard in New Zealand needs an influx of cheap wine. He sends his manager, Arben Shala to his home country of Kosovo to acquire bulk wine. But Arben disappears without trace, leaving Jeff no alternative but to search for his missing friend. Jeff soon realizes he is up against it as he suspects foul play from every official he meets. He teams up with a motley crew of UN contractors and delves into the murky world of corruption and terrorism.
Thomas Ryan paints a bleak landscape of a country left in tatters after a cruel war. His characters are superbly fleshed out, even the bad guys get their moment to shine, but it's the cat-and-mouse play between Jeff and a contract bomber that grabs the reader by the scruff of the neck and never lets up the pace until the nail-bighting finale.
This FIVE STAR thriller is highly recommended for all lovers of Clancy, Ludlum, Van Lustbader and MacLean.