GOOD QUEEN BETH by Alan Hardy will undoubtedly be declared a classic in its own time alongside such greats as Kingsley Amis and Tom Sharpe. Although not for the faint-heated or easily offended, this brave satire on the great British class system that still prevails today in this so-called enlightened society will have you convulsing with laughter and recoiling in shock.
From the get go the reader is dragged through the muck of the upper classes and the grime of the lower classes with equal aplomb and with such tactlessness that the term un-PC does not even begin to scratch the surface. The sex scenes are extreme and very funny and are described in equal measures of gross-out in-your-face (this happens often) tie me down and spank me Johnny Rotten please you sexy beast fashion that leaves nothing to the imagination. Kudos for that Alan.
But it's the story that ultimately grabs the reader and makes them think, well what if that did happen, after all it did for France and Russia. Perhaps? Okay let's all vote Katie Price for the new queen and even reunite her with Peter thingemeibob as king. Now if you want your entertainment like that then you'll get it by the truckload and more in this thought-provoking and provocative slice of British satire at its best.
FIVE STARS for this highly recommended bluster tour-de-force satire.