The Odor of Violet - Ju Ephraime
The Odor of Violet by Ju Ephraime is an adult romance novel of sublime quality. The author lets the reader see what a blind person sees through touch, taste, hearing and most important of all to this story - smell. This gloriously unashamed romantic tale interweaves between Damien who lost his sight in a gas explosion and his new in house helper Lisa. Damien is instantly attracted to her scent of violets and is aroused whenever she is close by. To make matters worse his imagination runs riot with how he thinks she looks and this keeps him up at night.
The buffer between these two main characters that are so lovingly described and nurtured is Jake, Damien's best friend. The author expertly plays with each character's confused feelings, will Lisa love Damien with his disability (he was cruelly dumped by his ex for that reason)- will Damien overcome his lack of confidence and what about Jake, will he become jealous as Damien's feelings become more obvious.
The simple plot is well fleshed out with every conceivable problem a blind person would have and for those dealing with a blind person too, and if you are in the mood for romance then this book a must read.
I give FIVE STARS and highly recommend this to all romance lovers.