Phantom Bigfoot & The Vampettes From Venus (Phantom Bigfoot Series, #2) - Simon Okill
Book #2 of this awesome teen adventure series takes off where Book #1 left us and sends the reader on a fun-filled escapade the likes of which not even Phantom Bigfoot could have foreseen.
Duane the WereBigfoot still manages to find time to tease the local law enforcement with his Phantom Bigfoot Bather pranks which escalate to new depths of grossness that will have readers falling off their chairs. So be prepared and buckle up for this rollercoaster ride packed with ludicrous jokes, romance, adventure and now vampires.
Phantom Bigfoot and his trusty sidekick, MB, have more than they bargained for when The Vampettes From Venus, a female punk rock band appear out of nowhere to perform at the local bar & grill. It soon becomes apparent these aren't your average gals from outer town, no siree. And just when Duane figures out how to get Sheriff Lou and her long lost love Agent Virgil in the sack the proverbial Bigfoot poop hits the fan big freakin' time.
Duane and MB have to use all their guile and tenacity to save their beloved town of Big Beaver from these insidious bloodsuckers, but being dumbass teenagers can they achieve this goal or will the Vampettes from Venus suck the town dry.
This FIVE STAR teenage adventure full of humour is a must read for all ages over 13 and is highly recommended.