Siren Call - Sonya C. Dodd
Siren Call by Sonya C Dodd is a masterful mystery thriller full of supernatural suspense. The author expertly weaves a chilling tale of a marriage slowly running out of steam. The married couple are Eleanor and Bill who use their holiday cottage by the sea to get away from London and relax. Everything seems normal and calm as the couple are obviously in love and comfortable with each other, although each have their own irritating foibles that irks the other half.
But the reader is soon exposed to the mystery of the woman on the beach. Who is she? Why is she there? Then the questions become more urgent. What is she? What is her purpose? Why does she want Bill?
After Eleanor has an unnerving encounter with the woman while walking Jasper her dog, she rushes home and tells Bill. This is all it takes to crack the marriage wide open. Worse, Jasper goes missing.
Unexplained events come thick and fast as Eleanor tries to get a handle on things, but Bill remains aloof, so much so, he leaves Eleanor and stays alone at the cottage. From there things go from bad to horrifying very fast.
The chilling events are superbly written in an easy style with a unique angle to a ghost mystery thriller.
This FIVE STAR supernatural thriller is a must read for all ghost fans and I highly recommend it.