Rag Doll - Rebecca Scarberry
Rag Doll by Rebecca Scarberry is a superb short story with such a kickass ending that I defy anyone not to gasp and spill their coffee or tea or beverage of choice.
The author has managed to wrap a mammoth mystery into a gift-wrapped Pandora's Box that will leave any reader begging to see this on the small screen. What starts out as a pleasant day out hunting for diamonds in a State Park turns to pain, fear and guilt as the body of a woman is discovered by a little boy.
His father is soon under suspicion and this is where the mystery evolves into a Kafkaesque style thriller full of doubting authorities, paranoia and guilt-ridden past events biting the rear end when least expected.
But it's the grand finale that really lifts this great work into a mini classic, and I must take my hat off to the author for accomplishing such a brilliant coup of literary genius.
A FIVE STAR shortie that is highly recommended.