Compulsion - J.J.   Johnson
Compulsion by J.J. Johnson is a brilliant psychological thriller with as many twists and turns as anything done by Hitchcock. The author has pulled out all the stops to bring enough tension and revelations into this awesome short story to fill a novel. This reader was swept away by the scruff of his neck and dumped breathless at the last page. And what a last page too.
The police call on Vance to help with a suspected leaper teetering on the edge of a water tower. Being the local preacher, Vance agrees to help the guy up there. Way up there. But Vance never expected to meet the man who's family altered his life forever.
This suspenseful thriller evolves at a fast pace with every reveal the man on the edge gives away to Vance. You will be biting your nails to the quick way before the last page, so be prepared for one of the best short reads ever.
This FIVE STAR thriller is up there with all the great thrillers synonymous with Hitchcock, especially Vertigo. Highly recommended.