The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Parsifal - Damian Stevenson
The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Parsifal by Damian Stevenson has done the impossible - it has actually improved upon the first book which I thought could not be bettered. I was wrong! Book 2 in the life of Ian Fleming is quite simply one of the best war thrillers I have ever read, and I've read so many of the greats - MacLean, Hassell, Hemingway to name a few.

We return with Ian Fleming master spy sent to Egypt where he learns of Parsifal - an organisation with just one task - to bring down Hitler and replace him with a new Chancellor. The Allies want Fleming to sort out this impending mess before it gets out of hand. The thought of saving Hitler as the devil you know is incredible but so plausible.

And as in Bond there are super villains everywhere, but these are true life characters who would make any Bond villain quake in his jackboots. The story reminded me of the British involvement in the assassination of Heydrich, an SS Gruppenfuhrer who wanted peace in 1942. So the Brits had him assassinated. Go figure!

The locations are so authentic and wonderfully written in a free-flowing style that hooks he reader right from the get go. The action is perfect, leaving enough breathing space to get one's barings.

Above all else this novel is a masterpiece of action that excels on every page, so much so, this reader can't wait to read it again.

This FIVE STAR WWII thriller deserves all the high praise it will undoubtedly will receive. Highly recommended to all lovers of action thrillers and spies.