The Trojan Project - Eileen Thornton
The Trojan Project by Eileen Thornton is a terrific thriller that had me gasping for breath. The author has done an outstanding job creating one of the best conspiracy thrillers I have ever read. It is The X-Files multiplied by a million. The quality of the writing is superb, the pace is perfect and the story is so believable and well laid out.
Set in the north of England farming community and London, The Trojan Project grabs the reader from page one with an unnatural disaster so terrifying it actually gave me nightmares. This is a superlative "What If" scenario of the highest order that never relents throughout and this reader was simply swept away by the author's brilliance at upping the ante with each chapter.
Sarah and her children survive the disaster but she is shocked to discover her whole community dead or dying of horrific injuries that defy logic and understanding. She goes for help and this is where the thrills race off at breakneck speed as something far more evil arrives in her small town. Sarah is beside herself not knowing what has happened to her husband Pete and is desperate to find him, but sinister forces are at work to stop her at every turn. And there are so many twists and turns to keep avid readers of thrillers gripping this book with white knuckles.
So without a doubt this FIVE STAR conspiracy thriller is very highly recommended and a must read for all lovers of conspiracies.