10276 in Two Months : A Novel: An Unlikely Facebook Love - Giok Ping Ang
10276 in Two Months: A Novel: An Unlikely Facebook Love by Giok Ping Ang is a beautiful tale of long distance love told in a poetic style that simply steals away the reader's breath and brings a lump to their throats and an ache to their hearts. That was it's effect on this reader.
Giok could have written a sordid little tale of porn addiction over the internet or an illicit affair over the phone, but she has created a stunning scenario of two people falling in love via a Facebook connection. And when this reader says love, the author has reinvented that word and has perhaps encapsulated its meaning in the pages of her poetic desire. Has Giok discovered the meaning of love, a word that has been described with poetry, sonnets and psychiatric tomes but none can compare with the heart wrenching journey Lim Shi Yi from Singapore and Mark Fallen in England take as they unwrap the mysteries of love's true nature.
This FIVE STAR romantic novel is so highly recommended that this reader would not be surprised to see it on display at The Smithsonian.