Hungry Ghosts (Time, Blood and Karma, Book Two) - John Dolan
Hungry Ghosts (Time, Blood and Karma #2) by John Dolan has done what was not possible, or so this reader assumed. The author's first book Everyone Burns was perfection personified and could not be equalled. But Hungry Ghosts sent this reader into a rush of retrospective detective drama ecstasy, not since seen since Robert Mitchum donned the white suit and sent shivers down Jane Russell's bra not invented by Howard Hughes in Macao.
This detective thriller set on an island off Thailand oozes nuances galore, tight, gritty dialog, vicious gangs, dubious coppers, mythical monk spouting poetic reasons to live, even more dubious clients and even even more dubious family members all interwoven into a plot Dashell Hammett would have been proud of.
The star of this steamy film noir is seedy detective David Braddock who so reminds this reader of Robert Mitchum, a guy not afraid to break the law and suffer the consequences in so many great films of this genre.
And genre is the word that so describes this awesome novel that will I am sure set the big screen on fire one day soon. So without further delay or you might find strange footsteps stop at your door, download and read this FIVE STAR detective thriller that I cannot recommend enough.