Cornered Coyote - Dianne Harman
Cornered Coyote (Coyote, #3) by Dianne Harman is quite simply the best in the series so far. Not that I'm knocking books #1 and #2 that are so brilliantly written, but book #3 has it all in spades and then some. How this wonderful author could improve on two previous gems is beyond me, but she has with some serious aplomb.
Our heroine, Maria Brooks risks it all and returns to the States as advised by the new love in her life, Detective Jordan Kramer. Big mistake! She ends up in prison charged with the murder of her husband Jeffrey Brooks. Her terror of prison and especially rape is handled superbly by the author who elicits every drop of emotion from her character.
The wheels of justice start rolling but they come up against Slade Kelly, PI who uses every source at his disposal to keep Maria from going down hard. Add to the turmoil an assortment of wonderfully flawed characters and you have a courtroom drama worthy of the big screen. This reader adored Slade Kelly who really shines in this third book of what is becoming the great series of 2014.
So without further ado, I highly recommend downloading this FIVE STAR crime drama/thriller/courtroom novel before a Big 6 snaps it up.