Phantom (Razer 8) - P.T. Macias
Phantom (Razer 8) by P.T. Macias is a pile-driver, heart-bursting sexy actioner for lovers of Paranormal Romance with muscular studs and tough sex kittens. The author uses her unique plot angle of using different perspectives of each team member of Razer 8 - this time - Phantom.
Phantom has not realized his destiny, is unfulfilled until he joins Razer 8, a covert team of supernatural beings sent on hazardous missions to raze vicious criminals with impunity.
And during the set up he meets Storm, a super hot sexy vixen. Sparks fly, they bond, perhaps destiny calls in a favour?
But there are devious villains out there who can manipulate these lovers to rewrite their own future, a future that would be disastrous to all paranormal beings.
PT grinds out her stylish descriptions of hard sex and action sequences to take make this reader gasp for breath. Keep 'em coming PT Macias
This FIVE STAR PNR is for all lovers of full on sex and violent action and is highly recommended.