Delusional - Scott Spotson, Sue Publicover
Delusional by Scott Spotson is a superior psychological thriller with paranormal overtones that simply swept this reader away with its fluent style and ingenious plot.
Businesswoman Patricia Fowler leads a dull mundane life until her boss, Paul Blast joins her in a hot tub. The chemistry is startling and immediate. But Paul is married so he's a no-go area. They become friends and workout together during breaks from the tedium.
The FBI are puzzled by art thefts that are perpetrated right under security's noses. The impossibility of the crimes leave them chasing their own tails.
Then Patricia's life unravels at the seams and all the stuffing spills out. The more she falls for Paul the more her mind becomes confused with dangerous hallucinations, physical attacks and delusions as a psychiatrist puts it. Her suffering is heart-rending and well fleshed out by the author.
This reader especially enjoyed the author's talent for relationships, the should we or shouldn't we situations, the concealed look of lovers' glance, a brief touch, a passionate kiss. Then the other side of the coin rips that apart with brutal beatings, attempted murder which brings in a PI. I loved that character and the detective added so much more to the story. But most of all it is the author's intricate weaving of seemingly unrelated characters and stories that captured my attention and the ending is a classic gasp, and I did gasp.
FIVE STARS go to this brilliant thriller of the psychological kind with a hefty dose of spookiness as in X-Files.