Dancing with a Dead Horse - Danielle DeVor
Dancing with a Dead Horse by Danielle DeVor is a superior serial killer thriller for teenagers. The author expertly grips the reader with one of the most awesome opening chapters this reader has ever seen. Way to go Danielle! From there the pace is frantic as 16 year old Jason Miller discovers the mutilated corpse of a girl in the boys washroom at school.
Jason's life is turned upside down and inside out as he juggles everyday teen angst with being suspected as the killer, mounting bully pressure at school, a distraught Russian ballet mother (wonderful character) learning MMA (Mixed Martial Arts fighting) and discovering he has a girlfriend.
As the bodies mount up, Jason must stop the killer as it becomes obvious he is the target. The author never lets up on the fast pace and her first person perspective is brilliantly achieved with sharp dialog and sharper teen thought processes.
If you love teen mysteries, serial killer thrillers then you will love this book.
A FIVE STAR YA Serial Killer Thriller and very highly recommended.