Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus - Allison Hawn
Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus by Allison Hawn is a wonderful humorous anecdotal collection of the author's life. I laughed out loud at her wise-crack punch-lines that followed every misfortune she had to endure and have come to the conclusion the author is either quite mad, like me, or actually lives in a circus run by a platypus.
Every short chapter bounces off the page right into the reader's face insisting on coercing a wide smile with comments such as - "faster than Jell-O flung by a monkey on crack". The author's love for animals, except cows, iguanas, large dogs, even larger cats to name a few, is used to brilliant effect to describe one hilarious scene after another. And us humans are also up for grabs in the author's no-holds-barred continual assault at our many failings. I especially laughed at one character who complained to the police that his stash of pot had been stolen. DUH!!!!
Well done to Allison Hawn for revealing her own life in such a manner that this reader can only describe as brave beyond climbing Mount Everest with a team of kangaroos.
FIVE STARS for this humorous memoir and highly recommended.