The Nightlife San Antonio (The Nightlife) - Travis Luedke
The Nightlife San Antonio by Travis Luedke is a stand alone erotic vampire tale that is unequalled in its breath-taking visual style. The author has reinvented the vampire genre and infused it with his brilliant Neo-Noir style of no nonsense sharp dialog and stunning action sequences.
Adrian saves the life of a beautiful nameless woman left for dead by the Mexican Mafia La Eme. He is a loner, declared a sociopath by his army psychologist and lives to save lives as a paramedic to make amends for all those he took on duty in Iraq. He wants for nothing and nothing wants him.
The woman he saves suffers amnesia as a safeguard to her trauma and miraculously recovers from the many bullet wounds. Her first instinct is to run, escape from La Eme. And once she has fed that is what she does. She is enigmatic, irresistibly gorgeous and deadly. As the story evolves so her memory returns as vampire, a queen and in need of a bloodslave. And along the way the two runaways meet an assortment of dark characters, get down and dirty in as many ways as the Kama Sutra and more besides until the thrilling climax. And what a climax it is too.
These two characters join forces in the most incredible action-packed, erotic, gorefest vampire novel this reader has ever read. I cannot praise the author enough for his talent for evoking such an addictive style and this reader is certainly hooked.
A FIVE STAR AVR - Adult Vampire Romance that I cannot recommend highly enough, but I'll try.