Married or... merry?: The International(?) Greek Book of Marriage, or 40+1 Reasons Not to Get Married! - Kate Papas
Married or... Merry by Kate Papas was a pure delight to read and had me chuckling all the way through it. Do not read this when your other half close by. I mean it, don't do it. I have not read anything quite so tongue-in-cheek and yet takes itself very seriously - ever! Each mini chapter or reason not to get married was a real hoot to read and made me want to press on and on and on in one sitting. All done and dusted and so should all marriage vows.
And what is even more astounding is a woman wrote this awesome how-to-get-married-and-wish you-hadn't step-by-step guide for the blind and dumb. Kudos by the truckload to Kate Papas for this brave indulgence. I only hope it does more good than harm. For me it was like standing at the altar and instead of saying "I do" I said, "Whatever!"
This must read FIVE STAR marriage counselling novel should be dished out at every wedding instead of flowers and cake. Highly recommended and well done Kate Papas.