Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center - Judith Townsend  Rocchiccioli
Chaos at Crescent City Medical Centre by Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli is a superb medical thriller and top-notch entertainment. The author has created some of the best characters this reader has met and by far the most outstanding is Alex Destephano, female lawyer for the hospital. Alex has her hands full dealing with the day-to-day legality and is looking forward to Mardi Gras with her new boyfriend. I love how the author weaves into the complex story the workings of a big hospital and never loses sight of the pace and action. Brilliant stuff!
But Alex's orderly world is cut short as patients leave the hospital even if their lives depend on its care. Then nurses call in sick creating total chaos. She has to investigate matters and solve this impending chaos soon. Her dealings with hospital CEO Don Montgomery and tough but fair police Captain Jack Francoise are expertly laid out with great dialogue and a liberal sprinkling of hospital technobabble that never once confused this reader.
So if you are into taught, high-tension medical thrillers, love Cajun food, Mardi Gras and especially Voodoo and the dazzling colour of New Orleans then this book will fulfil all your desires.
A FIVE STAR medical thriller and very highly recommended.