The Imposter - Judith Townsend  Rocchiccioli
The Imposter by Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli is an impressive medical thriller of the highest quality. The author pulls out all the stops in this book #2 of her Alex Destephano series to create a grab-you-by-the-scruff-of-your-neck action thriller. The characters are brilliantly written to the extent they popped out of every page and the author used multiple POV to perfection never causing confusion.
Alex Destephano the hospital lawyer at Crescent City Medical Center once again has her hands full as a poorly run psych ward explodes into violence leaving the hospital at the mercy of massive law suits. Worse still, the staff are brutally attacked by a sexual predator of monstrous proportions. She and ace cop Jack Francoise must solve the attacks which escalate to murder before the hospital looses all credibility.
And as the hunt for the attacker proceeds so the psycho ups the ante and seems to be able to laugh in the face of his enemies. The descriptions of this monster are chilling in the extreme.
Again the author is superb at describing day to day hospital activities, police procedures and psychobabble and leaves this reader wanting more of the same. Thank goodness book #3 is available.
This FIVE STR medical thriller is an absolute must read and very highly recommended.