Irrefutable Proof: Sequel to In the Beginning - Abby L. Vandiver
Irrefutable Proof by Abby L. Vandiver completely hooked me with its complex weaving of historical fact and fiction into a tale right out of Indiana Jones. The author does an awesome job of making dry facts leap from every page and force the reader to want more.
Biblical archaeologist, Justin Dickerson is researching ancient knowledge and how it vanished or didn't. The deeper she delves the more obvious it becomes that a powerful cadre has kept this knowledge for themselves and will do anything to prevent it becoming known to the general public.
The author uses genuine ancient manuscripts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls to titillate the reader with encoded messages that imply Atlantis really did exist. And so Justin is set on an amazing journey of discovery across the globe in search of the truth, mixing action adventure and mystery with such consummate skill.
For this reader it was the journey of discovery, gathering incredible information that hooked me and I hope there will be of the same from the fingers of this awesome author.
A FIVE STAR mystery thriller adventure for all Indiana Jones fans and very highly recommended.