The Path To Decay (Vlad Dracula, #2) - Shane K.P. O'Neill
The Path To Decay (Vlad Dracula, #2) (The Dracula Chronicles, #2)
by Shane K.P. O'Neill is the brilliant sequel to For Whom the Bell Tolls. This dark, Gothic slice of Historical Horror squeezes every drop of blood from each gory page with extreme relish.
The forces of darkness led by Lucifer continue to fight the angelic forces for the souls of the dead rotting on the battlefields of Eastern Europe. Here the reader is left in awe at the author's wonderful descriptions of bloody battle after bloody battle and Lucifer's struggle to rule man as he was destined. Lucifer has set his sights on one young man - Vlad Dracula son of the vanquished Vlad Dracul.
Young Dracula forges alliance after alliance to destroy those who struck down his father. His path to decay is long and littered with the festering corpses of those who failed to abide by Dracula's wishes. The torture scenes and acts of revenge are graphic and full of exquisite horror, but so stylishly written they do not offend in the slightest. After all, justice is true and righteous if inflicted upon those who sought to use treachery as a means to gain power.
Above all else, the true power of this book is the author's ability to feel for his main character Vlad Dracula and that leaps from every page so masterfully written.
This FIVE STAR Historical Horror is very highly recommended.