Billabong Ghost - Ryn Shell
Billabong Ghost (Dreaming Billabong, #1) by Ryn Shell is a fantastic insight into the Australian culture set in the 1810s and 1940s. The author is particularly adept at showing life in the Outback, her descriptions are wonderful, so wonderful, this reader could taste and smell everything her characters could. And the characters were so believable as if the author was reciting past history.
The story revolves around the Fife family ranch or station to use the Australian vernacular. Young Alan Fife falls in love with Charlotte back in the 1880s, but their love hits many a rocky path. Here the reader lives life on a ranch, experiencing everything through the actions of the characters. And the action is furious, romantic and frightening.
Then the reader catches up on the family during the latter stages of WWII. The author perfectly captures the different feel, hope for hostilities to cease, a new beginning, the influx of out-of-work soldiers.
Finally there is the ghost around whom the entire story revolves ebbing and flowing from one era to the next with a seamless quality that this author has made her own.
This FIVE STAR romantic drama is a must read ad very highly recommended.