Needful Things - Stephen King
Needful Things by Stephen King was my inspiration to become an author. Thank you forever Mr King for setting me on the path of writing enlightenment.
This novel is the ultimate in cruel jokes and just like in Salem's Lot, a new store opens its doors. Needful Things is not like any other store though, once you step inside, its insidious owner will tease you with that one thing you have always coveted, just out of reach, until he asks a favour in return.
And so cruel practical jokes spread through the town like wildfire causing chaos, mayhem and murder. Mr King squeezes every last drop of tension and fear from each character with such control, this reader was left in a cold sweat.
My favourite character is the Sheriff, so totally out of his comfort zone, and yet sees the truth in Needful Things as deep down his needs are taken care of by the woman he loves and not even the store owner can influence him. Good versus Evil has never been written with such panache.
5 Stars for this Urban Fantasy an very highly recommended.