Dead Is All You Get - Steven Ramirez
Dead Is All You Get by Steven Ramirez is a shoot first then shoot again horror thriller of the highest order. A brilliant mix of clipped, tough narrative so in vogue in Hollywood circa 1940s film noir with gung-ho action sequences that makes The Walking Dead tame by comparison. And the dialog is so spot on. Everything about this zombie novel screams READ ME!!! And I can guarantee not one reader will be disappointed.
This is book 2 and kicks off exactly where book 1 left off - our anti-hero Dave Pulaski, former drunk and philanderer, is now more like a hero having kicked the booze, made up with his wife Holly and has a surrogate daughter Griffin. But first things first get to safety. Leave the town behind with its Red Militia and Draggers - that's zombies by the way, and head for the hills of North California.
The group of survivors are rescued by Black Dragon a paramilitary unit mopping up and trying to figure what the hell is going on.
Dave needs to know WHY? After blood screening the Black Dragon and Dave's crew team up and go in search of the truth.
But the truth is bigger than anything they can handle, it's bigger than the President of The United States. It's freakin' BIG! Problem for Dave is this truth will get him killed and all he loves. Can he put it behind him and take care of his family? Read and bleed.
FIVE STARS for this awesome zombie horror thriller and oh so very highly recommended.