Undead on Arrival (The Uncommon Cold, #1) - Jeffrey Littorno
The Most Uncommon Cold I: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by Jeffrey Littorno is a fantastic zombie thriller and is a must read for all zombie fans. The pacing is excellent and full of twists and turns to keep the reader turning that next page. The characters are believable and so is the premise behind the contagion.
Kevin Turner is a reporter for a small paper in California. An incident at the airport sends him on a quest for the truth behind the epidemic cold virus infecting the population. This in turn spurs Kevin on to save his wife. Page by page, chapter by chapter the author pieces together the grim reality of the zombie plague through the eyes of Kevin.
There is plenty of action, gory scenes, mop-up squads and those insidious monsters who enjoy using the situation to enforce their own set of rules to keep Kevin on his toes. And will Kevin be able t save his wife or himself for that matter? Read this awesome zombie thriller to find out.
FIVE STARS for this zombie actioner and highly recommended.