Corpus Delectable (Marcy Pantano Mysteries) - Mike   Billington
Corpus Delectable (Marcy Pantano Mysteries) by Mike Billington is an enthralling crime mystery in a bold style that makes this author one to watch out for. The lead character, Marcy, helps her lawyer friend figure out why the prime suspect in a murder case is lying about his whereabouts at the time. Marcy knows Paul is innocent of killing his ex wife and food critic, even though she trolled his restaurant with a bad review. And the deeper Marcy delves, the more complicated the case gets.
This is a brilliant crime thriller full of sharp dialogue and sharped characters. Narrative is to the point and so well written, this reader is hooked from page 1. An absolute must read for all fans of detective thrillers.
FIVE STARS for this detective thriller and very highly recommended.