Revival: A Novel - Stephen King
Revival by Stephen King is a terrifying portrayal of man’s ultimate need to believe in something, anything but nothing. Faith should be a two-way street, but it sure as hell is not. Faith should comfort the wounded heart and soul, but what it does is fester in a dark place where idle hands and minds succumb to despair and madness.

Revival spans 50 amazing years in the lives of Jamie Morton and Reverend Charles Jacobs. Faith brings them together and faith rips them asunder with fire and brimstone. Hallelujah said the Lord God Almighty as he cruelly as if almost sadistically twists these two souls into a melting pot of insanity. What survives is so incredibly nurtured by Stephen King’s God-like penmanship that this reader was reminded of his older work. And for that this reader will be eternally grateful.

Revival is more than a little unnerving. It blends religion with science and the supernatural to create the perfect 100 proof cocktail for all King fans. What actually is electricity? I don’t know. Perhaps only God knows, but Jacobs does his best to harness its power and use it for his own sinister purposes. So if you haven’t read this impressive return to horror at its spinetingling best, I suggest you download a copy right now before the movies claim it.

Revival is a 1 million megawatt jolt of FIVE STAR horror in its purest form. So highly recommended that I can’t recommend it enough. But I’ll give it my best shot.