Prince Lestat - Anne Rice
Prince Lestat by Anne Rice took my breath away and I want it back, please, Anne Rice. Okay I’m a vampire lover and drink these books like blood wine, but never in my wildest dreams or nightmares did I expect the author to concoct such a heady blood cocktail as this novel. Now I want more! It is so good I am re-reading the previous instalments to catch those lesser characters so prominently used in this hopefully not final chapter. The author has excelled to the point this reader is smitten with Anne Rice’s luxurious writing style that uses poetic phrases one chapter then short sharp shock treatment when the action clicks into overdrive. A true master craftsman at work here.

The story is truly global and wonderfully historic, encompassing all the rich textures and tastes of far off lands, bringing a sense of romance where none exists. The author creates a mystery - The Voice - a somewhat sinister and insidious invasion into vampires’ minds. The Voice tells the older vampires to go on a witch-finder general spree to burn alive all the younger bloodsuckers. These scenes are fearsome and there is gallons of gore to satisfy all those bloodthirsty vamp fans out there. Where is the Voice coming from? What is its ultimate purpose? Here lies the mystery of the novel.

And the star of the show is Lestat who gets to show every emotion imaginable, compassion, forgiveness which might make him weak by vampire standards but actually increases his strength of character. There are plenty of opportunities for Lestat to show his true vampire self, the brutality, cruelty with such a ruthless glee for blood. This makes him superior above all his peers. This also makes Prince Lestat a superior vampire novel in every way.

This reader would like to thank Anne Rice for giving the genre new life with such dexterity of penmanship. I am so in love with vampire novels of this calibre and was hooked the moment this series was born back in the seventies. In fact, Anne Rice inspired me to write my own vampire series and forevermore I am grateful for such a fine author. Let the blood flow.