Chaos Is Come Again - John Dolan, Fiona  Quinn
Chaos Is Come Again by John Dolan & Fiona Quinn is like no other book I have read. They say two minds are better than one and this book goes way beyond that. Both authors are superb and have combined to create this masterpiece of adult romance/drama with lashings of humour and murder mystery.
The characters are suitably quirky with more problems than Kafka and Dostoyevsky combined. Each character is so richly interwoven into the insane plot that this reader could not wait to get back to them when another character took over.
We have Sean who hears voices in his head, telling him to do all sorts of weird stuff.
Travis is a coke addicted author with a hate-mail list longer than the Eiffel Tower.
His agent is the downtrodden Avery with a sick mother and is having an addictive echat with Sean.
Teagan is so delightfully deranged in her sexual pursuit of Sean who wants none of it, so say the voices in his head.
And then we have Goose, Sean's co-worker at a coffee shop who reckons he can catch a serial killer named Angel.
Stir the pot slowly then bring to the boil and watch the mayhem and mirth froth over the rim and scald your privates.
FIVE STARS for this adult drama like no other and destined to become a bestseller worldwide - oh so highly recommended.