Red Light - Graham Masterton
Red Light by Graham Masterton is a masterfully written gorefest detective thriller the likes of which not even this reader could have imagined. The attention to detail, brilliantly described characters, the noir feel in grimy wet streets, sex trafficking, all add up to an explosion to the senses. And the author knows how to use all us readers' senses so be warned there are some stomach-churning murder scenes that took my breath away, I had to close my mouth to stop the flies buzzing in and pinch my nose on several occasions.
Our heroine, Katy Maguire, is back to investigate a brutal execution-style murder in the red light district (squeamish close your eyes), but she is left with a dilemma - so what if someone is cleaning her streets of sex-trafficking scum? Let them sweep the city of its filth. But the killings don't stop as The Avenging Angel continues and it's here that Graham excels by letting the reader inside a vigilante's head and make us understand why. Relentless, unforgiving, brutal, sadistic to the extreme and yet the author makes us feel for the avenger and even agree with the motives.
This novel is brilliant beyond comparison with any other serial killer thriller and a must rad for all fans of slick, grimy crime thrillers with a hard edge.