Shadow Born - Kyra Dune
Shadow Born (Time of Shadows #1) by Kyra Dune is an enchanting fantasy of castles, kings and intrigue in the royal court. Mix that with a hero destined to do the Gods' bidding and you have a sure fire winner and this certainly fits the bill.
The king of Phalindros has the kingdom thrust upon him due to both his older brothers having died. He is a reluctant royal and therefore unsuited to the role. His mother is domineering. His wife is an ice maiden and nothing else seems to help him. But there is something dark out there, something that frightens him.
Clayden is the chosen one who can relate to the Gods. They warn him of a terrible war on the horizon, a war that would devastate the land and all who live upon it. He must summon the courage to deal with the Gods and help the king prepare for what seems inevitable.
The narrative is in keeping with the setting of a fantasy kingdom and the characters are well fleshed out and engaging all the way to the goosebump ending.
FIVE STARS for this fantasy and very highly recommended.