The First Pillar - Roy Huff
Everville: The First Pillar by Roy Huff is a wonderful YA fantasy full of great battles, rich scenery and incredible fantasy creatures. He has perfectly created an unforgettable protagonist in Owen Sage, college freshman and if this ever became a movie we would have a beloved star to fill an older Harry Potter's shoes.
Owen Sage knows he's different, for when he falls asleep he is transported to Everville a wondrous land under threat from evil creatures Them. He comes under the guidance of the Keeper, leader of the friendly race Fron and so begins Owen's fantastic journey from meek teenager to mighty warrior and saviour of Everville. There is so much going for this book - the reader is dragged straight into the action with no fuss or tedious back story - the characters are so likeable we immediately root for them - the story is full of immense action scenes and unusual surprises, even back on Earth we gasp at Roy Huff's brilliant twists and continuation of the plot.
This is a superb kickstarter to a great series. Bring it on Roy Huff.
This is a FIVE STAR fantasy novel begging not only to be read but snapped up by Hollywood.