Whispers - Lauren Klever
Whispers (The Secret Watchers #2) by Lauren Klever is a brilliant teenage thriller full of paranormal elements so unique to this series. Her writing style is fluent and easy going, making this novel a joy to experience. I especially love her intros to each chapter that draw her readers in so skilfully.

In this sequel we return to Owen Ryer's strange world as a watcher, a paranormal being capable of seeing what is really going on around us normal beings. Being a teenager, he has the usual problems in school - girls, homework, but being a watcher can't help him with these everyday mundane things. This is where Lauren excels with her beautiful words describing feelings so perfectly. Problem for Owen is as his abilities grow so his adversaries get more difficult to defeat.

Poor Owen feels misunderstood and unloved, especially by his father who starts to blame Owen for all their problems. This feeling of animosity will certainly attract the dark watchers insidious attention which makes Owen more frightened than he already is. How can he stop these paranormal villains from their duty to cause chaos while his own father blames him for their troubles? Again Lauren excels with her ability to draw her reader into these feelings and raise this novel above its peers.

Owen asks for his mentor, White eagle's help to discover why his father is behaving the way he is. To this end the whole family moves to Florida. But Owen feels this move is a trap set up by the dark watchers - a trap he may not be able to escape from.

From the first page, the author weaves an intricate pattern of prose that simply dazzles with its brilliance. A must read for all lovers of teen paranormal thrillers.

A FIVE STAR teen thriller and highly recommended.