The Ruby Brooch - Katherine Lowry Logan
I did not know what to expect as I began reading this book, but the more I read the more hooked I became with Kit Macklenna’s need to discover her true identity. All her life, Kit has seen a ghost hovering around the family grave at The Macklenna Farm. Who is he and what does he want? After her parents die in a car crash, Kit rummages through their effects only to discover they were not her parents.
She was left on their doorstep in a bundle of bloody rags. The mystery deepens when kit finds an ancient Celtic brooch with an inscription and a child’s journal that survived the Oregon wagon trail of 1852 that implies her parents were murdered on the trail. Kit’s research convinces her she must use the brooch to travel back in time and solve her own life mystery and also save everyone’s lives on that arduous trip.
She prepares a wagon with a team of oxen laiden with today’s medicines, firearms, technology, food, water and gold. With her horse tethered to the wagon, her dog and cat hop on board as she recites the Celtic inscription.
Kit’s wagon is now in Independence, Missouri 1852. Her amazing adventure is about to start, but is thwarted by a handsome man, Cullen who will not allow women to travel alone. Kit is immediately attracted to Cullen. Is he the ghost of Macklenna Farm? Kit’s stubbornness wins the day and off to Oregon she goes with the vast wagon train.
The journey is fraught with many dangers, floods, wide river crossings, steep drops, stampeding buffalo, bandits, snakes, but most of all, Kit is frightened of being declared a witch if her purpose is discovered. What Kit never expected was to fall in love, but can she share that love with a man from a different century?
Katherine Logan has weaved an intricate tale in the classic western mode spiced up with the fantasy elements of time travel. She has avoided all the clichés and has done a great job invoking the feel of the times, the smells, tastes, fears and joys, hardships and triumphs and created a true masterpiece worthy of films such as How The West Was Won and the Pulitzer Prize winner - The Way West. I had goose bumps all over when I finished this work of brilliance and am eager for the next instalment. A riveting five star read. Go download it right now.