The Unseen Promise - Ellen Mae Franklin
The Unseen Promise (The Tarkeenia Saga, #1) by Ellen Mae Franklin is a massive fantasy saga set on the world of Tarkeenia. For an author's first book this reader was astounded by the beautiful descriptions, stunning characters and her epic story line which came at me like Dune. What a brilliant start to a most promising career.
Tarkeenia is a place of magic, strange creatures and strife between good and evil. The author paints such a rich technicolour canvas that this reader watched it inside his head like a movie - a very long movie. Don't let the length of this book deter you, it needs to be an epic to draw the reader in on its cavalcade of characters with glorious names speaking dialogue full of wonderful medieval chatter seamlessly blended with modern metaphors. Truly awe-inspiring. Kudos to the author. This reader is now a fan.
FIVE STARS for this epic fantasy and very highly recommended.