Tail of the Devil - Danielle DeVor
Tail of the Devil is the story of 15 year old Mathias Drvar as he reaches manhood in the most unexpected way. After the death of his parents, Mathias is sent to live with his monstrous aunt and her evil offspring. Mathias has no choice but to run away from that tortuous environment. He travels to New York and lives by his wits on the harsh streets.
After a gang related drive-by shooting, Mathias wakes up in a strange hospital ward, only it isn't a hospital, but a school for vampires. Here, he learns of his royal ancestry dating back hundreds of years and how to behave as a vampire.
Mathias is taught by Vlad Dracula and Nossy Nosferatu. They show him the way of the vampire and all its intricacies. Mathias is at first reluctant as street life is in hs veins, but that too is erased as he comes to terms with his cruel past. It is in the incredible flashbacks the reader learns of poor Mathias' hard upbringing at the hands of his mother - Lilith the Queen. Her evil knows no bounds.
As Mathias matures so he must face his greatest challenge - he must learn to fight as a vampire and do battle with the most powerful vampire of all.
This is an unexpected joy, a FIVE STAR YA tale of gore for all age groups. A must read for all vampire lovers everywhere.