The Jupiter Chronicles: The Secret of the Great Red Spot - Leonardo Ramirez
The Jupiter Chronicles: The Secret of the Great Red Spot is an absolute joy to read and is wonderfully directed at young children. Leonardo Ramirez mixes humour with childhood angst to perfection, showing how two children, Callie and Ian cope with the loss of their Father 5 years ago. The loss is made worse as their Father simply vanished without trace, leaving them to wonder if he is still alive. One day in the year 1892, Callie enters the attic and plays with the forbidden telescope, a present from her father to Ian. Ian catches her and before you can say Jack Robinson, the telescope scoops them up and flies under the power of steam to Jupiter.
Jupiter is a steam planet now ruled by the hideous Phobos, a reptilian from Mars with a curious hissy speak. Callie and Ian are reunited with their Father who has been on Jupiter all along and together they face great danger to rescue the 3 Orbs of Jupiter and thereby free the Jovian City from Phobos. Throughout this marvellous journey, Mr Ramirez introduces great scientist to the young reader in such a way as to educate as well as entertain.
I never knew what Steampunk was until I read this masterpiece and I hope everyone will rush out and buy this FIVE STAR children's book. LOVED IT!