The Clearing - Thomas Rydder
The Clearing by Thomas Rydder is an excellent horror novel by this first-time author. He has deftly re-invented the tired old werewolf genre giving it a new twist - whatever the wolves leave alive after an attack will become a werewolf or werecreature might be a better word. The small rural Pennsylvania town of Hemingway is the setting for this exciting tale and Thomas has lovingly described the area with deep affection. Every scene is vivid, almost like a movie and this book would make one hell of a movie. The two main characters, Frank the Sheriff and Beth the local entomologist are believable and make a great team as they investigate the strange events - missing pet - slaughtered cattle - missing human - that lead to the incident at the Clearing. I actually had that cosy feeling I get when I read a Stephen King novel that sends me to a small town under siege from supernatural creatures. Thomas is most adept at keeping the pace rattling along and knows when to slow down for us to catch breath.
This is a FIVE STAR HORROR and would not look out of place next to any Stephen King novel, so all I can recommend is get off your butts and download it now.