Bluffing the Devil - C.L. Foster
Bluffing the Devil by Christy Lynn Foster is a tour-de-force paranormal romance with a huge hook - poker! One would think a book about poker would be sooooo boring, like having pizza without mozzarella cheese, but this book has every flavour of cheese imaginable. Alexia has lost the love of her life and to take her mind off her misery she develops a penchant for poker. Okay, now that's different. She becomes good enough to enter a big contest at Atlantic City, so off she goes with her Herd - girlfriends to you and me. Oh and one other thing, she has been secretly messing around with the hottest guy on the planet, Devin, so hot, so smoking hot he can only appear in her dreams. Well he is her dream guy after all. Devin knows all Alexia's buttons and when to push.
But as the poker tournament commences another dream character intrudes. She is super sexy and the Devil, no less. Alexia doesn't know what the hell is happening to her. Her life is turned inside out and upside down by another hunk she meets at the tournament - Rey. He also has major issues that become all too apparent as Alexia's life unravels quicker than a ball of wool in a kitten's claws. Events soon turn from irritating to downright nasty and only Alexia can sort things out as her game of cards becomes so much more.
This FIVE STAR Paranormal Romance gave me goosebumps in every chapter. I loved it.