Extremely England - Jams N. Roses
Extremely England by Jams N Roses is a laugh out loud novella that I could not put down until the last page. I must admit I had difficulty reading it with tears of laughter blurring my vision. James has created a masterful classic that epitomises the class difference still pervasive in British society, much in the style of Tom Sharpe, although this reader enjoyed this far more.
This scathing tease has a neat premise - bent politician wants to be bent Prime Minister and will stop at nothing to gain that powerful position with kinky sex, murder plots unparalleled since Guy Fawkes, sex mad Mayor, corrupt reporters bending a story for sensationalism and of course our hero, the straight as an arrow cop who is due to become Commissioner until his life is destroyed by all the rest just mentioned. Can the cop's loving wife and demented brother save the day?
The hilarious scenes are piled one after another in a relentless barrage that will have any reader falling off their chair.
This FIVE STAR fantasy satire is highly recommended.