The Underlighters - Michelle Browne

The Underlighters is a New Adult dystopian horror fantasy the likes of which I could never have imagined. It would sit proudly next to any Stephen King novel. Underlighters are the survivors of a distant disaster now forced to live underground under artificial lighting. It is all about the loved - seen through the eyes of Janelle an electrician living beneath Up (the surface)where The Dust prevails. Janelle searches for love, the lost and tries to come to terms with her dreaming and her sexuality which is explored with deep affection. Society has been forced below by The Dust, an almost sentient phenomena that causes nightmares to become real. And boy does the writer go to town on these nightmares. Janelle battles razor-tipped dragons, mutated creatures and for her troubles is selected to fight the Dust and save The Lost above. A truly terrifying read, but also a tender love story and a search for things we lose - namely The Lost - those infected by the Dust.
This hilling tale of dystopian horror is skilfully woven by Michelle Browne to leave this reader gasping and looking under the bed before the lights go off.
A FIVE STAR CHILLFEST to satisfy all horror fans.